Meet the 4DCP Group Leaders

Two senior group leaders and six group leaders have already joined Janelia in the 4DCP program. They will play key roles in shaping the science and intellectual culture of the new research area. They will lead small research teams and collaborate with Janelia’s current research scientists, tool builders, and experts in microscopy, computation, and theory to bridge the fields of cell biology and physiology.

We also have many scientists in other areas of Janelia (MCN, MTI, C&T, Project Teams, Shared Resources) who are excited about contributing to the 4DCP effort.

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Head of 4D Cellular Physiology

As part of the new 4DCP direction, we aim to study organelle-mediated functions in the context of cells within intact tissues.

Misha Ahrens

Senior Group Leader

My lab focuses on mechanisms by which the nervous system enables animals to adapt to changing and challenging environments. We take a holistic view of neuroscience and…

Meng Wang

Senior Group Leader

The overarching goal for our future studies is to understand how organelle structure and function are coupled within the cell, how they exhibit heterogeneity in…

Isabel Espinosa Medina

Group Leader

Our goal is to understand how the nervous system and the cells of organs, specifically the pancreas, interact during development and in disease states. We use state-of-the-art…

Anoj Ilanges

Group Leader

We investigate how the brain communicates with visceral organs in the body to provide important aspects of control during critical states such as infection.

Jiefu Li

Group Leader

We study the operating principles of cell-surface signaling in two "sense-n’-response" systems: the nervous and immune systems. To obtain systemic and mechanistic insights, we…

Yin Liu

Group Leader

We study the cellular mechanisms and neural circuits that underlie body-brain interactions, with a focus on the respiratory system.

Allyson Sgro

Group Leader

We take a joint theory-experiment approach to understanding how groups of cells integrate information about their environment and each other to work together.

Shaohe Wang

Group Leader

We combine embryonic and reconstitution approaches to investigate how mammalian organs are built by cells and extracellular matrices.\

Alejandro Aguilera Castrejon

Group Leader

We are interested in reconstituting mammalian development by devising ex utero culture systems for natural embryos and stem-cell derived embryo models. We aim to harness these…